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Shaun Davies is a sound artist, curator and performer based in Manchester, UK.

The primary focuses of his work are sociological and psychological - social mobility, community, democracy, human interactions with performance/sound/space, inter-human relationships and phenomena, performance psychology, interpretation, and inclusivity – creating works that encourage democratisation of participation, regardless of musical background, training, and experience. Shaun sets up environments which invite participants to deeply explore the sonic potential of an object or instrument, in some cases forming intimate relationships with objects previously unfamiliar, and sharing these relationships and findings in ensemble situations towards a collective ambition. His work also aims to champion and liberate the sonic potential of cheap, accessible objects as sound-making devices, both acoustically and electronically. His work matches these ambitions with connections to nature, deep listening, environmental sound, and the potential within for intimate, transcendental experiences.



His work has been performed by Ensemble Mimitabu (Sweden), RTE ConTempo Quartet (Ireland), House of Bedlam, Vonnegut Collective, Psappha (UK), and various musicians/ensembles; has been featured by Kalv Festival (Sweden), nonclassical, New Music Manchester Festival and RNCM (UK), and broadcast by BBC Radio 3 (UK). His debut album is set for release in 2021.

Shaun is Artistic Director of KINETIC (, a curating/commissioning body programming and championing modern experimental arts. KINETIC creates memorable audience experiences exploring location, environment-performance-human relationships, and a whole range of concepts, exploring the potential of performance-sound-location-human relationships, using various spaces across Manchester. KINETIC is funded by Arts Council England and in February 2021, presented their first festival - [ I N T I M A T E ] in Salford.

As a performer (electric guitar, objects, body etc.), he has interpreted the work of himself and that of others such as Michael Pisaro, Larry Goves, Scott Walker, Sarah Hennies, Le Quan Ninh, James Saunders, Pauline Oliveros and more, featuring in events organised and hosted by KINETIC, VIRTUALLYREALITY, CoMA, RNCM, Salford University, and himself.

Shaun studied his Masters Degree at the Royal Northern College of Music, supervised by Larry Goves and Gary Carpenter, and his Bachelor's Degree at the University of Salford, supervised by Alan Williams and Robin Dewhurst.

CV / resume is available to view here.

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