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Listen of the month #4 - Hathor's Rose Choir

Was tough to pick one this month - it was probably my most productive month of listening to new music like, ever! But then I heard this and was like, "Yep - that's the one!" I felt such an amazing pure energy overcome my mind and body after just the first phrase, and the remainder of the record did not disappoint. It's just stunning, possessing a beautiful, ethereal, transcendental quality and even if you're not so keen on the music, just tune in for the most spectacular reverbs! I think I have no choice but to book them for a KINETIC collab in the very near future...

A* for effort on the cassette presentation also - what a lovely design and heartfelt personal touch. Purchase it (or the digital version) at: Maybe do the artists a favour and order it on Bandcamp Friday (March 5th)? I definitely will be! You can follow Hathor's Rose Choir at:

As always, I'd love for you to share your experiences of listening to this music, should you choose to - just give us a shout!


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