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Call-out for #ClapForCarers recordings!

Updated: May 21, 2020

Right now I am working on a tribute to key workers, in particular celebrating the NHS, during this time of crisis. 'Clap for our Carers' – a ceremonial mass applause for UK key workers occurring every Thursday night has moved the nation and instilled a sense of community while we are forced apart physically, built on a common appreciation, and in some cases a new-found appreciation, of the efforts of public service workers. It also presents an opportunity for us to deeply consider our attitudes towards the NHS and the complex relationship between the health service, political forces and the UK public / electorate.

I would like to gather many recordings of the applause from across the UK, and mix them in ambisonics full-sphere surround sound (requires headphone listening). I will position the recordings in the surround according to the locations they were captured in, treating North-East-South-West as ahead-right-behind-left, with Manchester (my location) as the central point (TBC). For example, almost directly South on the coast is Southampton so recordings from there would be heard directly “behind” the listener at the furthest distance in the mix. The closer the location to Manchester, the closer the sound will feel, coming from whatever direction in relates to Manchester on the map. Superimposed will be speech from politicians and members of the public exploring attitudes towards the NHS, in particular the undervaluing, dismantling and privatisation of the NHS and the use of it as a tool for political gains.

Your recordings can be audio alone, audio ripped from a video, or a video which you consent to share with me from which I can rip the audio. They can be recorded by any means – there is no preference in regards to quality. Please submit your recordings to with a message clearly stating your location and that you consent to its inclusion in this project. There is no deadline but I am aiming to gather recordings as quickly as possible. Please also feel free to contact me with any queries.

Thanks and I look forward to receiving and working with your recordings.

Take care!



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