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OPERATE! (12')
for 4 performers and playback


OPERATE! can be performed with each performer playing a single object/instrument, or all four sharing operation of one large object/instrument, and invites them to explore the soundscape of a construction site and imitate chosen sounds within. It imagines an enormous, violently loud machine being operated by four people, each with their own on/off switch, shifting through gears as they change tempi, producing a rhythmic metamorphosis from a position of rhythmic unison, and through tempo dispersion, greatly differentiating tempi simultaneously and rhythmic complexity that is constructed using crotchets (single beats) only, emphasising the automaticness of the “on/off switch”. Physicality and exhaustion is fundamental to the piece – physically aggressive actions create loud, violent sounds which form a battering ram of sound – an all-encompassing, immersive listening experience.

Audio and video coming soon.

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