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deeply doppling
for 3-6 laptop operators and an equal amount of bluetooth speaker operators


deeply doppling is a piece of deep listening theatre. At its core is an exploration of the doppler effect – a change in frequency in relation to a listener who is moving relative to the sound source, or vice versa. It explores how this phenomenon occurs when one swings a small bluetooth speaker, in this case wirelessly connected to a laptop running a FM synthesiser, and also how this forms rhythm, superimposed on top of rhythms created by beating patterns between frequencies pitched closely together and within a very limited bandwidth. Therefore a deep rhythmic complexity can be formed to the point whereby there is almost no recognisable rhythm, alongside some mystery as to exactly what is creating each rhythm that the listener identifies.

[ score ]

Each performance is choreographed according to the performance space and the limitations of bluetooth technology in terms of distance and physical obstacles, observing points in the distance between laptop and speaker whereby sound would destabilise, resulting in glitches of white noise, and points whereby connection would be completely lost.

The result is a meditative, immersive experience destabilised by the glitch in the nature of bluetooth technology.

The audio above right is of the original, shorter version (11 mins), performed by Ensemble Mimitabu and students of the Kalv Composition Academy in Sweden, Autumn 2019. I am currently developing a longer version with 15, 30, 45 and 60 minute options, which is soon to be performed by soundinitiative ensemble (France).

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